Healthy Cooking Class

The ideal way to enhance our macrobiotic understanding of diet is to bring the knowledge into our kitchen and apply that in our everyday personal and family life.

We study and experience the fundamental principles of Yin & Yang and their practical applications, by creating strengthening, creative and balanced, healing dishes, condiments, desserts and medicinal drinks for every occasion and constitution. We learn how to apply the Five Transformations in the daily selection of foods, volumes and cooking styles, according to the differentiation of the four main seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter. We engage into a wide variety of nutritional applications for the period of pregnancy, as well as raising healthy newborns, babies and toddlers and how to enhance academic performance and retain a healthy diet during adolescence. We explore and enjoy haute cuisine festive dishes and learn how to prepare delicious macrobiotic snacks and desserts for every occasion. The mechanisms of weight loss and detoxification, as well as the many ways and benefits of fasting according to our constitution are presented and explained in vast detail. Meals time management and a systematic approach in forming weekly meal plans is also explored, in an effort to fruitfully combine the healing benefits of a proper diet with the least preparation time spent in the kitchen.