Pranayama Session

In this session we learn how to unite the breath with the mind and consequently expand and extend life force energy or prana in every direction within our system.

Most of us today get easily tired, as a result of lack of sufficient oxygen supply to the brain. Most of the times that’s the result of a poor body posture, lack of awareness, restricted lung capacity and a shallow clavicular breathing style.

In this class we learn how to practice and benefit from the normal abdominal breathing and proper use of the diaphragm, which is considered as the key to greater health and personal energy. Furthermore we are taught how to consciously regulate inhalation, breath retention and exhalation, so as to generate and store greater amounts of life force energy or prana. Pranayamic inhalation activates the central nervous system into stimulating the peripheral nerves while exhalation triggers the reverse effect. During inhalation we absorb vast amounts of fresh, rejuvenating prana while in exhalation we release all the physical, mental and emotional toxins from deep within our system. The ultimate result is heightened levels of vitality, mental clarity and energy. According to PH Master Stephen Co, Pranic breathing delivers tremendous physiological and energetic benefits such as:

  • improved functioning of the waste removal system
  • improved functioning of the cardiovascular system
  • a stronger, more supple diaphragm
  • an increased capacity for generation high quality prana
  • indirect clearing of negative emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs
  • an increase in size of your spiritual cord, for those who practice spiritually.

Amongst others functions, the spiritual cord forms the primary valve through which congested or dirty energy is expelled and fresh energy is drawn into our system.

Duration: 1 hour