Healing Foods-Ginger Root

Ginger’s strong, dispersing energy is used to promote circulation, dissolve stagnation and stimulate Ki vital energy flow.

Ginger is a light golden root that has a pungent taste and firm texture. It represents both a versatile garnish for delicious dishes, as well as a potent medicinal food.

Health Benefits: Ginger provides warmth to the body and adds richness to a great variety of dishes. Its strong, dispersing energy is used medicinally in teas, ginger compress, body scrubs and other internal and external applications to promote circulation, dissolve stagnation and stimulate Ki energy flow. Mixed with sesame oil, it is used to relieve scalp, eye, ear and arthritic aliments.

Varieties and use: Fresh ginger is widely available, but powdered ginger may be substituted. Ginger can be grated and added to grain and vegetable dishes, soups, salads, or sea vegetables and cooked for only a few minutes just prior to serving. It can be also used as a garnish for sushi, tempura, fish, seafood and other slightly oily foods. Grated ginger is also used for ginger body scrub and ginger compress.

Recipe for Lemon-Ginger Pickles: Mince 10 lemon peels and put in a pot with with 1/2 water. Cook uncovered for 5 min. Sauté the cooked lemon peel, add 1cup of miso and 1tsp. of grated fresh ginger. Mix thoroughly and cook for another 3 minutes. Cool, store in a jar for 1 week and serve with grains, noodles or salad.

Source: Healing Foods by Michio Kushi