Food is the primary means through which we maintain harmony and keep our physical condition and appearance in optimum balance.

Aveline Kushi


The macrobiotic perspective of nutrition promotes a natural way of life, emphasizing harmony with the environment around us. More than an instinctual need, the selection and preparation of daily food becomes a tool for personal healing and transformation. By bringing an energy awareness of foods in everyday life, we transform our idea of diet to the miraculous art of creating greater health, beauty and longevity. We learn how to apply the universal laws of Yin & Yang to cooking styles, ingredients, food patterns and most importantly take responsibility for our personal level of health, inspiration, balance and contentment in everyday life. According the fundamental principles of Macrobiotics, food is energy and as we eat different kinds of foods there is an impact on our eternal energy. The resulting new energy creates differences in the way we think, feel and act, influencing slowly the course and quality of our life. In addition by consuming living foods, foods that can still grow or sprout when we plant them, we benefit greatly from their healing and regenerating effect.

In addition to the ingredients, the cooking styles also play an important role in influencing the way our energy flows. Steaming, boiling, stewing, baking, frying or pressures cooking, all create entirely different energy effect and direction in the flow of energy. In that way we can use different ingredients and cooking styles to spread healing energy to different parts of our body. The factors of seasonality and locality are also considered extremely important when it comes to the selection of our daily food. By eating more and more foods that are in season, we begin to take in more strongly the energy of the season, making a more powerful connection with the rhythms of nature. Moreover our DNA is greatly based on the nutritional heritage of our ancestors, in the same land we are living and developing. We are strongly connected to the natural characteristics of our local environment and the more we eat local foods, the more we make this connection more meaningful and more strong.  The Five Stages of Transformations also give us a very clear idea on the direction the energy moves, according to the time of the day, season and the predominant inner organs. Foods that grow in spring maintain a more refreshing, rising, expansive energy that moves upwards and is related to the organs of liver and gallbladder. During summer the energy in foods is very active and has an outward direction controlling the heart and small intestine, while late summer is characterized by a more stabilizing, falling energy that moves downwards and connects with the stomach and pancreas. Consequently autumn foods produce a more gathering, ripping and solidified effect that controls the lungs and large intestine, as the energy moves inwards. Finally, winter foods maintain a more floating and dissolving energy that moves peacefully in all directions and controls the function of kidneys and bladder.

Benefits of Macrobiotic diet include:

  • A potent healing power that boosts your health, builds a stronger immunity and helps overcome illness
  • Broad in variety of cooking styles, ideas and ingredients primarily consisting of grains, beans, vegetables, fish, seeds, fruits, and nuts.
  • High in fiber and rich in fermented foods, it ensures an optimum digestive health & balance.
  • Low in saturated fats and glycemic index, it protects you from obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and helps retain your body weight to optimum standards.
  • Rich in complex carbohydrates and basic minerals, such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, it provides an ample source of energy and nutritional factors that upgrade the quality of your blood.
  • Balanced in terms of acid and alkaline index in the blood and intercellular fluids, promotes greater vitality and prevents illness.
  • Most suitable diet for spiritual practice and those who wish to avoid heavy animal toxins.
  • It contributes to the reduction of the global energy footprint and the protection of our home planet in actions.
  • It spreads a spirit of compassion and understanding for the benefit of all, including the wellbeing of the animal and vegetable kingdom.


How to benefit:

1.Healthy Nutrition Consultation

By assessing the individuals’ needs and goals and based on the personal health and nutrition habits, we develop a proposed nutritional plan based on the fundamental healing principles of Macrobiotics. Nutritional weakening factors and extreme foods that cause stagnation are explained in depth, so that there is a solid individual basis of awareness and comprehension behind any choice that is made. Food is scientifically related to blood quality, as well as immunity and vitality factors and different optimum food patterns are presented and discussed.


2.Healthy Cooking Class

The ideal way to enhance our macrobiotic understanding of diet is to bring the knowledge into our kitchen and apply that in our everyday personal and family life.

We study and experience the fundamental principles of Yin & Yang and their practical applications, by creating strengthening, creative and balanced, healing dishes, condiments, desserts and medicinal drinks for every occasion and constitution. We learn how to apply the Five Transformations in the daily selection of foods, volumes and cooking styles, according to the differentiation of the four main seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter. We engage into a wide variety of nutritional applications for the period of pregnancy, as well as raising healthy newborns, babies and toddlers and how to enhance academic performance and retain a healthy diet during adolescence. We explore and enjoy haute cuisine festive dishes and learn how to prepare delicious macrobiotic snacks and desserts for every occasion. The mechanisms of weight loss and detoxification, as well as the many ways and benefits of fasting according to our constitution are presented and explained in vast detail. Meals time management and a systematic approach in forming weekly meal plans is also explored, in an effort to fruitfully combine the healing benefits of a proper diet with the least preparation time spent in the kitchen.