WellDay’s Spa Packages

Experience an integrated healing effect with our incredible, personalized spa packages. From detoxification to rejuvenation and revitalization, these holistic spa treatments are tailor-made to the individual needs, creating long-lasting healing results.

WellDay Detox:
A special program designed to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste from the inner organs and the blood. The deep cleansing and calming effect of the treatments, aims at removing the buildup of stress and inner tensions and re-establish a solid basis of strength and vitality.

  • Salt bath
  • Siatsu treatment
  • Ginger compress

WellDay Energy:
An in-depth boosting and rejuvenating combination of treatments, to quickly restore and elevate your energy and greater vitality level.

  • Pranic Healing Session
  • Holistic Massage
  • Ginger Compress

WellDay Relax:
A combination of deeply relaxing treatments that produces a long-lasting effect of inner peace, calmness and stability.

  • Siatsu treatment
  • Ginger Compress