The Five Transformations Model of Health Management

A unique seminar for restoring health and maximizing energy performance in daily life.

Balance and rhythm in everyday life is a very essential factor to our health and sense of wellbeing. Our physical, mental and emotional imbalances are mainly rooted to our chaotic and stressful lifestyle. Our ability to harmonize with the natural cycles of energy, indicates the quality of our health and everyday life.

The Five Transformations is an ancient model of health management that explains how the energy functions affect our physical, mental and emotional condition. Through this invaluable healing tool we can nourish our organs, systems and meridians, restoring health and vitality. Using this energy-based model, we will learn how to efficiently structure our daily activity, enhancing our energy level and performance.

During the seminar we learn how to apply the Five Transformations in terms of our:
Health (major organs, systems and meridians)
Behavior (mental & emotional expression, personality patterns)
Rhythm (seasonal, monthly & daily cycles)
Nutrition (foods, dishes, cooking styles)
Day management (time management, task management, daily schedule.

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