The Path to Integrity

Integral people are able to reach perfection and serve perfection by evolving higher and committing themselves to the service of humanity.

Integrity comes from the Latin route integer, which means something that is complete in its Self that cannot be mixed or reduced. Something which is all inclusive, essential, pure, untouched, missing nothing. On a human level, integrity represents the core of our existence, the corner stone of our destiny. It is the center from where we originally create our:

  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Aspirations

and manifest them into reality. In the vast majority of people manifestation and Self-expression is a random process. It reflects the fluctuations of our scattered mind, translated into unorderly behavior patterns that are unable to produce efficient, long standing results. We tend to believe that destiny is something outside of us, shaped somewhere in the skies by forces beyond our reach, or something which is completely accidental, a matter of luck. This is why we fail to realize that all external events, circumstances, relationships, finances, successes or failures are connected to our own, inner level of integrity. Our perception of our Self and the world is limited in scope, therefore the products of this way of thought, are also limited.

Every person is a part of the Infinite Universe, a carrier of cosmic consciousness that transcends duality, the relativity of time and space. A new born baby carries this consciousness but has not developed yet the appropriate physical, mental and emotional vehicles of to express it. The ongoing conditioning of the mind that commences immediately after birth and peaks during our social, academic and professional education, gradually veils this inherent consciousness that retreats in the deeper parts of our Being. There it remains dormant, covered by the intense layering of the personality for the rest of our life. We don’t need to do extravagant things or undergo extreme rituals and purifications to connect again with the cosmic source inside. It is a completely natural process, it is a part of our nature. We just need to realize our true nature, comprehend the mechanics of our brain and most importantly change our Self perspective, re-discover the path that leads back to our lost Integrity.

Most people we are being mechanically driven by our personality, without even realizing it. We attach to whims of a mechanism which is not authentic, is not alive. Personality is the mere totality of our past experiences, unconscious beliefs, traumas and memories, our prejudiced ideas. It is the mind set we have created from childhood when we were totally conductive to other people’s beliefs and ideas. The relative roles we have undertaken in our personal, family, professional and social life. It is our viagra sans ordonnance golden cage, through which we experience the reflection of our limited self: Life. No matter how try to enrich this golden cage with specialized knowledge, outstanding technology, top level business education, culture and arts, travelling, relationships, offspring, achievements, prosperous surroundings, our view of the world will still be limited. We are constantly repeating our inner-programing into “new” versions of our same, past experiences, calling the sum of it Life.

People who experience Life thorough the vehicle of personality, will always have a narrow and limited perspective of the world, as well as a limited capacity for happiness and inner contentment. A limited capacity of self-expression, vente viagra france au maroc a limited capacity of manifesting their inner vision into reality.

Integral people on the other hand, handle the physical, mental and emotional vehicles of the personality at will. They are in position to exert gradual but growing mastery upon their personality, which they use not as an enemy, but as an instrument to consciously experience Life. Having committed themselves to the exploration of the labyrinthic mechanisms of the mind, they come to a state where the mind is tamed and guided to move inwards to the secret land of Integrity. By being aware of every moment, every breath, every though, feeling and action, they can operate from a state of higher consciousness, which energizes and refreshes their body and mind, removing the stagnation formed by previous prejudiced beliefs and concretized ideas.

Integral people are enriched from life events and experiences, they turn their life into a masterpiece of health, beauty, harmony, accomplishment, abundance and prosperity. They reach perfection and serve perfection by committing themselves to the service of humanity.