How to live a Spiritually Integrated Life

Daily Life Challenges

In today’s fast paced world, many of us find it hard to balance all of life’s responsibilities. Even squeezing in a 10 minute meditation to help cialis generique us reduce stress can sometimes seem impossible! Yet, few of us realize how important that meditation, or any spiritual practice, really is. Not only does it have the potential to help us get through life’s ups and downs, but it also has a ripple effect on our friends, loved ones and even the global community. How is this possible?  

The Principle of Oneness

One level of oneness is that of the Higher soul and its vehicles, which are the Chakras and Energy bodies. When the Incarnated Soul and its vehicles experiences oneness with the Higher Soul, the influence of the Higher Soul extends to all of the chakras and their native tendencies. Each of the chakras, for example the basic chakra is in charge of survival. That chakra is constantly trying to push the organism to make a living, to feed your self, to feed your family. At the same time, the heart chakra says ‘oh I’m the chakra of love, I’m in charge of love’. Each is like a department and one tells the other, ‘ok you make money, you help us survive but you shouldn’t harm anyone in the process.’ These individual chakras have consciousnesses of their own, but they work together as one.

When we do our spiritual practice it allows the chakras to work together, literally as one. The Soul Energy or divine energy coming down from the divine self, or the higher soul, is the integrating factor. You see, when a person doesn’t have enough Soul Mastery  their spiritual connection is small and their life is a chaos. The chakras and vehicles are not working together and each one is trying to do their own thing. The basic wants to make money, the solar plexus wants something else and so on. The person is not integrated. In other words their life is a big fat mess.
How to Create Integration

Then, when they enter the spiritual path the Divine Energy comes down and uses the Ajna chakra, the CEO or command center, to tell all departments to report for duty, ‘lets do this’. The whole company, which is you, your entire chakra system is now working as one. It is now integrated. Each still has its own individuality but there is oneness and they work together. This also happens in a family. Each of the people in the family are individual parts, both have individual consciousness and intelligence. Some have a job, some go to school, you have different commitments to your friends, your loved ones and so on. Then someone says ‘wait a minute, tomorrow or next weekend we all go on vacation’. Even though each person has their own tendencies and they want to do something different, they all say ‘ok, everybody agrees, lets go on a family vacation’. You go as one.

Now imagine this in a bigger scale, a city, a country, the entire earth. You have all these different countries all over the world that have their own tendencies. The reason a lot of these different nations fight and kill each other is that they forget that we are all swimming in one big gigantic ocean of light or energy, which is the aura of Mother Earth. As each of us develops spiritually we integrate. When we do meditation and our spiritual practice, we raise the consciousness of every person and every being. When I say ‘raise the consciousness’ it means going up, to a certain extent, in energy from the lower chakras of separation to the crown, which is the chakra of integration. Translation: The more people realize who they really are, that they are a spiritual being, and this spiritual being is part of God and one with God, that’s how you have world peace. That’s how people will love each other naturally without even trying. sildenafil generico espana That’s how Mother Earth evolves!

Through the spiritual practice of GrandMaster Choa’s Arhatic Yoga® you learn techniques to integrate your entire energy system. By Increasing the Higher Soul’s control over the chakras and the energy bodies, there is harmony and balance in a person’s life. A person becomes literally “Whole”, integrating the body, mind and Soul.
Source: Excerpt from the Online Esoteric Study Group with Master Co on the book “Existence of God is Self Evident” by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui.