The 3 types of Will

A Power Within!

Will in general refers to a diligent purposefulness or determination to do something such as will to exercise regularly or will to win a competition. It is also commonly used to indicate self-control or self-discipline in case of will to overcome a weakness such as addiction. In fact “will” refers to exerting some kind of power to achieve a desire, work or purpose or overcome a weakness or undesirable condition.

But where is this source of power located?!

Will is not something physical and therefore could not be located in any physical organ of the body. Looking at energy body and the chakras however, sources of this innate power can be identified and introduced!

Emotional-WillEmotional Will

The Emotional Will

The first chakra, dealing with will power is the Solar Plexus chakra. Solar Plexus chakra in esoteric teachings and Pranic Healing is known as the center for lower emotions from courage, strength and perseverance to anger and hatred.

It means that Solar Plexus chakra basically deals with emotions! It is the center for both positive and negative lower emotions. Desire to win is basically one of the examples of positive lower emotions.

Emotional will in this case is controlled and stimulated by the Solar Plexus chakra.

When we desire to have something or accomplish a task, our emotional will is stimulated by our desire and this type of will that helps us act towards reaching the desired object, comes from the Solar Plexus chakra. Examples of such is desire to buy an ice cream or desire to get famous. Sometimes no matter how hard it is, because of the strong desire, we put so much effort in achieving the desired object or task.

This kind of will is also called the lower will, since

it is driven by emotions rather than intelligence, and is mainly the will center of the masses.

Although it is called the lower will, it is still necessary to achieve success, especially when much perseverance and courage is needed.

“In general, the masses are emotionally driven. Therefore, the Solar Plexus chakra is where the lower will is located; it is the will center of the masses. This is why in Kabbalah, the Solar Plexus chakra is also called Strength.”

Master choa Kok Sui

Mental-WillMental Will

The Mental Will

In more developed people, emotions are most of the times controlled by the mental faculty and the intelligence.

For this kind of people, it is not the matter of what they want to do, but the matter of what needs to be done! Emotional desire and selfishness is no more the driving force but the intelligence.

This kind of mental will, comes from the Ajna chakra, which is known as the center for higher mental faculty and active intelligence.

When Ajna chakra is strong enough, it can regulate and control the emotional will and therefore lead the person to take decisions mainly based on knowledge and logic rather than desires and emotions. When the Solar Plexus chakra is controlled by the Ajna chakra, the emotions will work under the guidance of the intelligence; or in the other words the “lower will” will get aligned with the “higher will.”

Ajna chakra can basically be used to will or direct the activities of other people as well. CEO’s, directors and managers whose job is to direct people should therefore have an activated and strong Ajna chakra.

This kind of will, which comes from the Ajna chakra is also known as the intelligent will, since it is based on logic and rationale.

“The Ajna chakra is the center for active directing

will, which is based on intelligence. It is intelligent will – the higher type of will.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Will-to-do-GoodWill to do Good

The Will to Do Good

In many esoteric books and spiritual systems, Crown chakra is known as the will center. From the Crown chakra in fact the third type of will is originated.

The Crown chakra as explained by Master Choa Kok Sui, is the center for Divine Love or Universal Love. This kind of universal love when gets developed, leads to acting for the good of humanity and world peace.

Therefore Crown chakra is the center for the “will to do good” and the right divine motive.

When the Crown chakra is sufficiently activated, the spiritual practitioner will unceasingly start to serve others. This is often called as becoming a servant of God or the divine or becoming a light-worker, as an activated Crown chakra cannot just keep quiet when it sees people are suffering, it will force the person to start helping and serving the people in need. This type of will is basically the highest type and is known as the “will to do good.”

“Kether (Crown chakra) is the center of divine love, manifesting as the will to love, the will to manifest goodness, and the will to do good.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

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