Sharing Together, Eating Together

Eating together deepens nourishment and alignment.

Eating together aligns and connects us with each other. Food is condensed environment, and viagra sans ordonnance also our source of internal energy. When we eat, we break foods down from their solid state to liquid to energy. In this process, food provides physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy.

Grains, beans, and vegetables help us to align and connect with nature and life itself. Animal, dairy, and chemicalized foods tend to separate us from nature and the environment. When we sit together, within about twenty minutes, our breathing, blood pressure and heart rate align. Talking strengthens and deepens this alignment. Sharing food deepens and strengthens the alignment even further.

Natural achat cialis en ligne foods prepared with love and care release peaceful, loving energies. The gentle energy produced from grains, beans, and vegetables provides a buffering effect on harsh or conflicting feelings and how we choose to respond to circumstances. Animal foods, especially those raised in cruel and brutal environments and fed with disruptive chemicals, release more chaotic and violent energy. These foods can also have an amplifying or exaggerating effect on how we experience circumstances. Further still, iced and chemicalized foods produce deadened, dulled, and/or desensitized feelings.

Healthy food enjoyed together in a healthy environment produces the most nourishing energy. Eating healthy food in a mall is much different from having a healthy meal in a park, for instance. As more people gain knowledge of the connection between diet, health, and environment, it becomes easier to share healthy meals with like-minded people. Try comparing and developing your awareness of and sensitivity to the effects you experience while eating healthy meals in a variety of circumstances.