Corporate Energy Tools : Movement

Movement is a vital component of our ability to experience our authenticity, explore our body, truly express our self and boost our creativity.

Sedentary lifestyle represents one of the most serious challenges of daily corporate life. Most men and women in the corporate world find themselves trapped in an organized environment that offers little room for physical movement and expression. Working or travelling in a seated position for too many hours and with no alternative kinetic stimuli throughout the day may:

• Inhibit the natural flow on the lymphatic system.
• Compromise proper heart function.
• Affect blood circulation.
• Lead to bone density loss & osteoporosis.
• Lead to loss of vital lean muscle tissue.
• Increase the body weight, leading to obesity.
• Affect our immunity & sense of vitality.
• Affect our sense of emotional stability
• Blur our mental clarity & decision making.

Movement is not only a health necessity factor, as it is mainly perceived today. Movement is a vital component of our ability to experience our authenticity, explore our body, truly express our self and boost our creativity. Our physical body is a dynamic combination of bone structure, muscle tissue, creative force and intelligence that needs to express its potency and charisma through movement. It is a wonderful tool for self-realization and the first step towards the path to awareness. In all philosophical systems, we first bring out attention to the physical body and its functions. By starting to observe our body posture, our breath and heart beat, we are gradually more able to experience the more subtle parts of our being, our energy flow, thoughts and emotions.

Movement is a prerequisite of happiness and  inner contentment, as it:

Cleanses the body’s energy channels and meridians.
• Induces joint mobility.
• Tones and strengthens our bones & muscles.
• Expels congested energies from our body.
• Removes metabolic waste from the blood.
• Enhances our circulatory and lymphatic circulation.
• Balances strength with flexibility.
• Increases melatonin production and creates an infectious good mood.

We can make use of different movement styles and practices in our daily life that will enrich and compliment, not  complicate, our daily program. This will in turn create more beauty, inner and outer harmony.

You can choose amongst:
• Yoga, Tai Chi or Martial Arts to increase your body and mind connection and experience stillness.
• Walking, to open up, purify, and clean your thoughts and emotions.
• Swimming, to relax and experience softness and oneness.
• Team sports, to connect with others, test your limits, be inspired, and prove yourself.
• Outdoor activities, to heal, disconnect from the busy-ness and noisiness of big cities and connect with nature.
• Walking meetings with your colleagues and clients, to create mutual inspiration and understanding, walk the path together, freshen up, and expose yourself to an alternate environment, out of the familiar office settings.
• Bring awareness to your practice, to deepen your experience and connect with your intuition, especially when the going gets tough or you need to make crucial decisions.