Do You Follow Your Inner Voice or Inner Noise?

As you purify your system from negative thought forms and emotions, your mind becomes clearer and clearer. You will then be able to tap into your Soul consciousness to receive guidance and blessing.

Many of us have experienced being guided by an inner voice at different times in our life. Sometimes we tend to follow this inner voice, and sometimes not! But what is this inner voice? Is it a form of guidance? Can we trust it? To understand where this inner voice comes from, first we need to know who we really are and how our body functions.

“We” are not just a physical body!

Human beings are complex forms with several bodies, which are also called “vehicles.” The grosser of all is the physical body, within which all our physical internal organs are located. Around this physical mass, there exists a luminous energy field, which does not appear to be visible to normal physical sight. This energy body’s function is to feed the physical body with energy, prana or chi, and is responsible for the proper functioning of our vital internal organs.

Around the luminous energy field is a subtler body that vibrates at a higher vibration, known as the emotional or astral body, where our emotions are stored. This body gives us the ability to feel positive or negative.
Then comes the body of thoughts! We call it the mental body. The mental body functions at an even higher vibration. This body, is the medium of thoughts, giving us the ability to think and process information.
Our thoughts are real! They are charged with energy and they create our experience.

Every time we think about a person, situation or an object, a thought form is created. This thought form has a shape, color and even a life span and is often accompanied with an emotion or feeling. It is real, and is capable of affecting you are your environment. This thought form can even be transferred to others, whenever we think about someone. You may have experienced of thinking about someone and receiving a call from them!

Inner-Voice-or-Inner-Noise-1Too many negative thoughts and emotions in the aura tend to clog our perception and divert our attention, draining our precious energy. Such thoughts and emotions are in fact “inner noise”!

So in order to see if the message you receive is the inner voice, which comes from the Higher Self and contains a message from the Divine or simply inner noise, you need to be able to differentiate the two.

First of all, for a person to receive guidance through the Inner Voice, the Crown chakra should be sufficiently activated. Located above the head, the Crown

chakra is known as the Center for Higher Intuition or Direct Knowing. This chakra is the entry point for the Divine energy to enter our system. If the Crown chakra is not sufficiently activated, receiving inner guidance is not possible.

Even if your Crown chakra is activated, not all the messages you receive are inner guidance. Especially as you become more sensitive to energy and vibrations, you will be able to pick up thought forms, be it yours or from others. So there is a possibility of getting confused.
This is one of the reasons why retreat houses are often built away from the city; so there will be fewer thought forms floating in the air, which makes the meditation experiences purer and deep.

To get clear inner messages, there are 2 steps to follow:

  1. Purifying ourselves from the clouds of thoughts and emotions.
  2. Activating the Crown chakra through Meditation, is one of the effective ways to purify the aura from the clouds of negative thoughts and emotions. For me, one of the easiest, yet most effective meditation techniques for purification, peace and illumination is the “Meditation on Twin Hearts.”

This meditation works on the Heart and Crown chakras and purifies the system by bringing down lots of Divine energy to flush out negative thoughts and emotions from our system. The result is stillness of the mind, calmness of emotions and developed intuition.
Whatever meditation or spiritual practice you are doing, in order to receive inner messages, the key is always purification and activation of the Crown chakra! As you purify your system from negative thought forms and emotions, your mind becomes clearer and clearer. You will then be able to tap into your Soul consciousness to receive guidance and blessing.
Other than meditation, there are also many other ways of activating your intuition ranging from breathing techniques to yoga. Choose the one that resonates best with your soul!