5 Ways Arhatic Yoga can Revolutionize Your Life

Manifest Your Greatness

Arhatic Yoga is one of the most advanced spiritual technologies that accelerates the spiritual evolution of the soul and one of the greatest gifts given to humanity yet.

It is synthesis of all yogas that include powerful meditations, purifications and breathing techniques integrated into a step-by-step system, providing a path to human evolution.

Arhatic Yoga therefore brings out the greatness latent in every person by cleansing, activating, strengthening and transforming the chakras and the subtle bodies.

The teachings and techniques of Arhatic Yoga have been derived from ancient teachings and practices kept secret for centuries in Egypt, India, China and Tibet. Being a consistent path to evolution, Arhatic Yoga aims at transcending man to a supreme level of awareness with much increased intelligence, love and willpower.

Its secret relies on its holistic approach to life and evolution, as a balanced development of all the chakras, virtues and faculties. Therefore Arhatic Yoga is known as a way of life, not merely practising meditation.

1. Purified Aura

One of the greatest obstacles to success is negative and weakening thoughts and emotions and self-defeating attitudes.

The origin of picking up such tendencies are in most of the cases from other people or past memories. The

negative thoughts and emotions of the aura not only tend to attract negative incidents, as we all know that “like attracts like,” but also clouds the perception and creates confusion. It further may lead to fear and low self-esteem.

Arhatic Yoga through simple yet very powerful cleansing techniques helps in purifying the aura.

Another item that needs to be removed is the negative seeds, which exist in everyone and is the root of evil acts.

Negative seeds are basically the negative tendencies that if matured, lead to unwanted attitudes and behaviors such as jealousy, anger, pride, maliciousness, etc.

Without getting purified from such negative seeds, meditation may aggravate the problem and instead of making you a better person, it can bring you down. Meditation acts as a fertilizer, it magnifies everything; the good and the bad; the crops and the weeds.

The emphasis of Arhatic Yoga on “Character Building” is to provide a safe and rapid spiritual development, which is accompanied by effective techniques.


2. Bigger Chakras, Bigger Aura

The average size of the aura and the chakras basically decide the intelligence and rate of evolution of a person. While 2-inch chakras is an indication of a mentally-retarded person, 6-inch chakras makes a person superior. An advanced level of awareness can manifest through 18-inch or bigger chakras. Therefore to transform an ordinary person, all the chakras should be developed from 4-inches to 18 or more in a balanced manner.

This is the purpose of Arhatic Yoga!

3. Increased Awareness

Awareness is different from concentration. While concentration is known as Dharana in Sanskrit, prolonged awareness is called Dhyana.

Awareness is a state in which the person is aware of everything around him, and everything inside. This state is sometimes being portrayed as the state of a cat in the midst of a hunt.

Prolonged awareness is a necessity to achieve illumination.

Arhatic Dhyan meditation, which is part of the Arhatic Yoga package, is designed to develop the capacity for prolonged awareness.

“Arhatic Yoga is a way of life. It is not just doing meditation.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

4. Awakened Kundalini

Kundalini is described as the energy that is needed for the evolution of the body and the brain. It is believed to be dormant most of the time, located near the base of the spine, unless a person activates and awakens it through practice.

Many of us may have had great experiences during meditations, contemplations and even dreams that we were not able to recall afterwards. This normally happens when the brain is unable to register the inner experiences. Kundalini energy when awakened, upgrades the brain. It further develops the will aspect of the soul and accelerates its evolution. Without the evolution of the body and the brain, the soul, even if evolved, will not be able to impress the insights to the brain using the intuitive intelligence.

Arhatic Yoga, through the Arhatic Kundalini meditation, helps in activating and awakening the Kundalini energy.

5. More Soul Energy

Human is believed to be a soul with various bodies. In esoteric sciences the bodies are symbolized by horses, while the soul is shown

as the rider. If the soul looses the control over the horses, each will run towards a different direction and there will be chaos. More soul energy in this case will increase the control over our various bodies to work in harmony together in favor of the evolution of the soul.

The Blue Pearl meditation increases the soul energy in our system, which gives us inner strength, calmness, clarity and more control over our bodies.


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