Scrubs & Compresses

Ginger Scrub

Scrub is a wonderful way to activate circulation, dissolve and soften cross linked collagen, gently open the pores and melt away deposits of hard fat in the blood vessels. It energizes and refreshes the entire body and allows the skin to breathe.

Moreover, it is a very effective way to deal with chronic stress and irritability both of which interfere with a healthy and vibrant appearance. Ginger scrub in specific is twice as much energizing and refreshing, as ginger in general has been shown to have excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-stagnant properties. It also has a stimulating influence that significantly boosts blood circulation. Ginger is considered yang and its pungent taste classifies it in the Metal Transformation of Energy.

Ginger Compress

Ginger Compress is a wonderful cure to stagnation, muscle tension, tiredness and any sort of energy blockages especially in the area of the lungs and kidneys. It generates strength and vitality by increasing circulation throughout the body and rapid detoxification of the area which is treated. It is effective in dissolving hardened accumulations of fats, proteins or minerals. Any type chronic pain, or restricted muscle/ joint movement can be relieved, especially rheumatism, arthritis, backaches, cramps, kidney stone, stiff neck and shoulder. Ginger compress is a wonderful remedy for the winter time as it deals effectively with the physical and emotional side effects of cold. A ginger compress session is always carried out at the end of the day, ideally after a holistic massage or shiatsu treatment.