Employee Health & Wellness

We integrate our deep knowledge and applied expertise to create meaningful wellness programs for corporate employees. To help people upgrade their health and performance and adopt practical tools to live a better life, every single day. Our approach towards corporate wellness follows a step by step process to create and maintain a healthy, satisfied and talented workforce:

  1. Wellness Assesment
    The scope is to identify the wellness values of the organization, the current health performance indicators, the needs and preferences of the employees, the availability of relative spaces, the assignment of internal wellness managers and ambassadors, the estimated program duration and resources invested.
  2. Comprehensive Health & Wellness Program
    Based on a wide variety of wellness components such as:
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
    Personalized consultation services
  • Movement
    On site sports/ fitness programs
    Incentive programs
    Wellness Challenges/ Adventures
  • Stress Management
    Breathing/ Relaxation sessions
    Relaxation/ regeneration rooms
    Smoking Cessation sessions
  • Self-Awareness
    Energy boosting tools
    Mindfulness/ meditation sessions
    Seminars/ workshops

Our approach incorporates specific strategic components such as:

  • Multileveled participation, creating a culture of health that actively involves senior, middle and ground management levels, business units and functions.
  • Integration, aligning the proposed wellness strategy with the corporate culture and purpose.
  • Branding & signage, to effectively communicate the core program, proposed activities and most importantly its higher principles to all the targeted audiences involved, encouraging innovation, creativity and media diversity.
  • Personalized approach & ongoing support, to ensure personal needs and preferences are met and satisfied in the most effective way. To create a wellness culture that extends beyond the scheduled activities, to actively empower people whenever they need guidance and support, in all the related fields of their life.
  • High professional standards, working with top quality experts in the related fields of service and ensuring accessibility and true on-site integration for all the participants.
  • Diversified media support, to generate enthusiasm, inspiration, long lasting results and ensured dynamic participation.
  • Community partnerships, to encourage collaboration with specialized local partners that will spread the wellness culture to the broader community, further integrating the implemented CSR strategy.