Experience Platforms

We develop, coordinate and implement specialized events to create even more powerful engagement opportunities and substantial interaction with audiences, local and national communities. The organisation of ad hoc events represents a fundamental part of a dynamic wellness program. The event’s type or nature can take any form according to the needs addressed and specifically:

  • Wellness days, to introduce the commencement of a corporate wellness programme, keep the inspiration alive along the way, create fun and leisure opportunities after demanding deadlines or corporate landmarks.
  • Specialized seminars & lectures, to address specific educational needs on a broad variety of health, fitness, nutrition related issues. Also as an active part of the ongoing health education programme that compliments the actual practical scheduled activities.
  • Special Events & Retreats, as an alternative basis for management team meetings, shareholder annual meetings, corporate hospitality events, press events and product launches.

Similar types of events form part of the overall Corporate Wellness Strategy Plan and are especially developed to address specific employee health needs or communication objectives.