Personalized Wellness

The service addresses all management levels and categories and follows a detailed personal assessment/diagnostics process, based on physical, medical, nutritional and emotional indicators. Based on the individuals goals, health condition and lifestyle characteristics we develop an integrated personalized wellness plan and offer state of the art nutritional, kinetic, spiritual and energy tools to ensure maximum health and performance.

How  many times up to now have you felt that you are constantly fighting over worries, poor sleep and irritability? How often do you have to intake sugary foods and coffees during the day to keep you going? How many times in the past did you have to struggle in order to control your body weight and keep your body in a good shape?

The personalized approach behind of our comprehensive health plan, includes an integrated combination of those healing modalities that relate and further correspond to the holistic foundation of our existence. More than just a system of organs, cells and bones, we form an intelligent combination of physical, etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that unite as whole, to create life, happiness and continuous evolution. In building your comprehensive health plan, we integrate nutrition, movement, breathing, healing and meditation, in a way that will transform your inner & outer state, ensuring successful and long lasting improvements, to your health and quality of everyday life.

Step 1: Personal Consultation

We discuss on a variety of factors and variables and take into consideration vital elements such as:

  • Personal goals and aspirations
  • Personal constitution 
  • Health history
  • Daily life style 
  • Family status
  • Profession type
  • Emotional aspects

Step 2: We develop a personalized hands on guide that includes:

  • A proposed nutrition plan, recipes and menus, to detox, nurture and balance our physical body. To make each meal a true healing experience.
  • A daily physical exercise plan, to overcome stress, tone and stretch the muscles and ligaments, strengthen the bones, and restore both physical and mental vitality.
  • A suggested daily self-healing plan that includes breathing exercises (pranayama) and other energy boosting techniques, to restore our energy level, revitalize or decongest and further strengthen the depleted areas, organs and meridians of our bodies.
  • State of the art awareness techniques, to calm the mind, cultivate one-pointedness mental clarity and emotional stability. To enhance the development of our higher faculties and reap the benefits of mental and emotional purification. To speed up our evolutionary process by gradually purifying our restrictive tendencies and behaviors and connecting to our inner source of wisdom.

Breathing increases your overall energy level and regulates your thoughts and emotions. Certain breathing exercises physically purify the body and psychologically purify the Soul. When practiced properly, they upgrade the quality of the brain.
Master Choa Kok Sui